Your guide on where to find the best IT Freelancers in 2022? 

Discover the best channels to find qualified freelancers and what concrete solutions exist for your company.

About 14 pages - focus on IT & digital sector - Beelance



What does our guide cover? 

  • What are the best channels to find freelancers?

  • The pros and cons of each channel

  • How to increase your chances of finding the best IT professionals

  • Our experts' advice on do's and don'ts

  • How to choose the best solutions according to the size of your business (micro-company, start-up, scale-up, medium & large sized company) 

Discover the right solutions to connect with qualified and motivated professionals


Make your project a success with freelancers

In today’s labour market, you as an employer have multiple options to find and hire flexible resources that can boost your IT projects. However, IT talent is scarce in a fast-evolving IT sector.

Hence, finding the right solution adapted to your company needs can be quite challenging. The best solution depends on the number of IT freelancers you need, your budget and the time you have to find them.

We gathered all the information you need to allow for a fast and efficient selection. Our objective is threefold:

  • accompany you in your search for IT talent;
  • increase your chances of finding the best IT professionals; and
  • hence make your projects a success.